Ultra Low Bit Audio Book – Sherlock Holmes


I’ve converted the public domain audiobook of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (total run time 10:17:59 – original version found here) into the low bit Codec2 audio format at 2400 bps (more info on playing Codec 2 files (.c2)  in Windows here).

What makes this audiobook different is that each chapter is presented by a different narrator, with a variety of accents and genders present. Voice quality varies too, hence the larger bitrate (2400) being used. Still some tracks suffer quite noticeably such as number 11, while others fair much better such as number 5.


The Codec 2 “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” audiobook can be downloaded below (either in separate chapters or in a complete compressed folder). You can hear an mp3 sample of the Codec 2 Sherlock Holmes first chapter here.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Audio Book (courtesy of LibraVox) – Codec2 2400bps Version:

 01 – A Scandal in Bohemia  1.1MB

02 – The Red-Headed League 1.0MB

03 – A Case of Identity 0.8MB

04 – The Bascombe Valley Mystery 0.9MB

05 – The Five Orange Pips 0.7MB

06 – The Man With the Twisted Lip 0.9MB

07 – The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle 0.7MB

08 – The Adventure of the Speckled Band 0.9MB

09 – The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb 0.7MB

10 – The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor 0.8M

11 – The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet 1.0MB

12 – The Adventure of the Copper Beeches 1.0MB



Zipped Chapters 1 to 12 Compressed.  9.25 MB




2 thoughts on “Ultra Low Bit Audio Book – Sherlock Holmes

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  1. Hello, i tried to play the first file with Codec2 v0.5 but it doesn’t sound right, can you tell me what Bitrate (e.g. 2400, 1200, 700B) you used and if that is raw Codec2-Data?
    greets Simon


    1. Hi Simon,

      Sorry for the late reply – I believe its 2400bps. The latest version of Codec2 might be different to the version I used (which is a port to windows from an early 0.1alpha version). More information on playing it here: https://lowbitnet.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/how-to-play-and-encode-codec2-audio-in-windows/

      Where did you get Codec2 0.5 from and what OS are you playing it in? I might update the encoded audio to the latest version if there’s an updated compiled windows version of Codec2 floating around somewhere.

      *edit* Actually it looks like that 0.1alpha port of Codec2 I’ve been using was encoding at above 3200bps (perhaps 4800??) and is incompatible with the later versions of Codec2. I found the official site has version 0.5 which I”m guessing is where you got it from, but only version 0.3 has been compiled into windows binaries – anyway I’ll see if I can use this from now on until something better comes along. I’ll do a post with more info about this. Anyway thanks for the feedback.


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